A straight line is pure, unsentimental and unconditional of any subjective feeling but when it is placed in conjunction with other lines, it may evoke in us different feelings, moods, sensibilities or it can act like a reminder to our some earlier experiences. So my drawings, to some may reflect mood of jazz, to others these may appear to be cosmic architectural forms and to a few others these are only visual puzzles. However, to me, these drawings are my extension to the outside world.

Through my drawings, I try to project what is beyond any recognition in terms of man-made or nature-made objects or realities of social life around us in this world. Piet Mondrian rightly mentioned, “In our present mechanized world, it is illogical to attempt to experience reality through fantasizing feelings. At the moment, there is no need for art to create reality of imagination based on appearances, events, or traditions. Art should not follow the intuitions relating to our life in time, but only those intuitions relating to true reality”.

The process through which these drawings are created is as simple as playing cards. I just put a few parallel lines anywhere on paper and then with these lines, I just PLAY. I allow these lines to move in different directions and to develop in their own way freely. However, in order to control any haphazard growth, certain parameters or guidelines with multiple options are provided to these lines as if the rules of the game have been set. Sometimes the lines are asked to enter the picture area from one side and play within a specified area. These lines are fully free to interact with other lines and finally leave the picture area; as if an actor comes on the stage and after giving performance leaves the arena.

My drawings are developments in the true sense. Each move of a line is independent though it is very much closely related to the other previously drawn lines. Each move has maximum freedom to choose its own course. The final image emerges gradually, painstakingly and a stage is reached when the composition refuses to accept any further addition as if to say that it has grown fully.

No doubt drawings similar to my drawings can be produced on a computer. A small image, which takes me a few days to build, can be produced on a computer in just a few minutes. The image produced on a computer is fast and superior to the one drawn by hand in terms of its perfection. The possibilities of trying various combinations, alterations on a computer are unlimited. However, the finished product will lack the human touch and after all the image will be a product produced on a machine. If art is a commodity, then computer art is the only art required for mass consumption. In the present situation, where market dictates what the artist is to produce, there may be some who will respond quite favourably to such productions. Nobel prize winner, Isaac Bashevis Singer says, “The more technology, the more people will be starved for what the human mind can produce without the help of electronics”.

My drawings are based on concepts or principles which are self-governed by the individual composition. This discipline is not imposed outwardly on a work but it evolves itself during its creation.

My drawings in fact grow as if plants grow from the seeds. A seed predetermines the nature of a plant and, in the same way, a few lines drawn in the beginning contain the essence of the final image to emerge. This final image cannot deviate itself in any way from those few lines or the roots set in by lines drawn in the beginning.

My drawing activity started with opposing and non-confirmative approach. So it does not bother me. If computer can produce fast and better images than I can draw as I like to work them out. It gives me pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment of creating new tensions, situations and solving these through straight lines. I do not allow economics or any other consideration to stop my work or interfere in what pleases me to do.

This series of Drawings with which I have been involved for the past two decades is mainly concerned with exploring the various possibilities of a straight line. A cold straight line placed in the picture area is allowed to develop, establish its own identity, play in the space around it and act in relation with other similar lines either already existing or likely to appear during the course of the creation. And thus a form is allowed to emerge through straight lines. A form thus realized is like realization of truth free from any preconceived thoughts, notions and ideas. I present it in its true form to be seen by the connoisseurs and to share my enjoyment of creation with others.

And thus an endless journey of creating forms, a search within myself, is continuing till today.