My Statement

A straight line is pure, unsentimental and unconditional of any subjective feeling but when it is placed in conjunction with other lines, it may evoke in us different moods, feelings and sensibilities. Through my works, I try to project what is beyond any recognition in terms of man-made or nature-made objects or realities of life around us in this world.

The process through which these works are created is very simple. I just put a few parallel lines anywhere on paper or canvas and then with these lines I just PLAY. I allow lines to move in different directions and to develop in their own way freely in space. Creating imaginative space within space with the help of lines . However, in order to control any haphazard growth, certain parameters such as vanishing point or guidelines with multiple options are provided and lines are fully free to interact with other lines in space. Some time I do use mathematical proportions to fix their internal relationship in space.

My works are developments in the true sense. Each move of a line is independent though it is very much closely related to others previously drawn lines. Each move has maximum freedom to choose its own course. The final image emerges gradually, painstakingly and a stage is reached when the composition refuses to accept any further addition as if to say that it has grown fully.

This series of works with which I have been involved for the last four decades is mainly concerned with exploring the various possibilities of a straight line or straight edge. I don’t repeat myself in any way and so each work is a challenge to me. I work directly on canvas and there are no pre-determined ideas or key sketches to follow. I just go on working on the image – seeking creative pleasure and meaning of my life.

And thus an endless journey of creating forms, and search within myself is continuing. I have no idea where it will end since there is no pre-determined destination, no point where I have to reach.


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